The importance of a Commercial Fire Alarm System


In the recent past there has been a rise in figures regarding fires in commercial buildings, many of which were reported to have had little or no protection from a Commercial Fire Alarm system.

The importance of a Commercial Fire Alarm system cannot be overstated, although there are common misconceptions as to what constitutes a commercial building.

A commercial building is any registered property used for business that creates a profit for the owners of the building. A typical list of commercial buildings would read like: Any retail or entertainment establishment, any restaurant or dining premises, any factory or industrial buildings, any garage, filling station or body shop, any office buildings.

Commercial Fire Alarm systems can help to protect your business’ premises and more importantly the staff that work within. The installation of a Commercial Fire Alarm system will ensure that the chance of your business experiencing a fire will be reduced.

Regardless of size or type of business, there are very strict fire alarm requirements for commercial buildings. Our Commercial Fire Alarm systems are designed to fulfil the regulations that are in place that support the architectural design and material composition of the building.

The regulations also require adequate evacuation procedures, which will vary with the amount of employees and become more complex as the number of employees increases. Installing a Commercial Fire Alarm is essential to your business, not only can a fire ruin your business it could also result in a loss of life.

If you are the owner of a business utilising any of the type of buildings described above, then the answer to whether you need a Commercial Fire Alarm system, is most definitely YES.

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Different types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


Analogue Fire Alarms are typically used in small commercial buildings or offices, generally between 2-8 zones. A zone covers a particular zone or area indicated by a zone LED. To include manual call points to all fire exit doors and from different levels and a mixture of optical smoke / heat detectors to cover all rooms. Detection and sounder circuits are run on different cables.


Addressable Fire Alarms are typically used in large commercial / office installations where more than 8 zones of detection are required. Each individual manual call point and smoke / heat detector can be given a name or location point so rather than one zone being all the ground floor as on an analogue system then it would say reception smoke or call point fire door one. All call points, detectors and sounders can all be integrated on the same cable therefore reducing installation costs.

Commercial Fire Alarms

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Commercial Fire Alarm systems require regular maintenance by law, Panoramic Security Solutions can provide a Maintenance contract for your existing Fire Alarm - Contact us to discuss  

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R. Partovnia, Network Manager – Kingsway Community Trust.

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John Lyons – Commercial Portfolio Director, Engie Services

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Dean Wardle, OSC Operations Manager – Ron Hill, Mountain Equipment, Sprayway, Hilly

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